Brian Francisco Molina is a 22 year old competitive natural bodybuilder, certified personal trainer, first generation university student, actor, model, community activist and Yungmuscle CEO. He is the Bi-racial product of an unlikely union between a Salvadoran civil war refugee and an Irish-American journalism student. Growing up in a predominantly Latino working class community, Brian internally struggled with the severe ambiguity of his mixed racial identity, and externally struggled with the realities of always operating on limited resources. After years of interpersonal struggle; his environment, his pedigree, and his personal demons that at first were considered setbacks, would all culminate into and become the driving force for his relentless motivation and desire to succeed. Channeling this passion into academics and athletics, he went on to be one of the only residents of his neighborhood to complete high school; graduating a scholar athlete with high honors and being named defensive MVP on his division champion football team. Despite his great success over all the endeavors he invested his energy and vigor into, upon graduating high school he found himself without any academic scholarships, athletic recruitment, without any assistance or guidance on how to progress to the next level and still stuck in the same environment he dreamed of escaping. Seeing the sons of his coaches and school PTO members getting recruited with average talent and without putting in even a comparable level of commitment or intensity as Brian knew he did, was a rude awakening and  life changing realization that internal politics and prejudice could override genuine hard work. Devastated and feeling betrayed by the team, the teachers, the coaches and the system that he invested his heart and soul into, it would take him three difficult years of toiling in obscurity; working between jobs and community college courses that he would finally be introduced into the catalyst that would reignite his passion to rediscover his untapped greater potential.

“They say the mind is a terrible thing to waste…but so is the body. And my greatest fear was that I would waste mine without ever getting to see what I COULD have done. Possibility… Potential…There are the most beautiful things about being human because they are both limitless. My mission is to realize my own potential and I can’t let any situation or environment limit what I do in this life…”

Brian was introduced to bodybuilding by a former gang member turned fitness model/actor who would eventually open a gym within walking distance of his house. That small space would become a church for Brian; as it provided him with a sanctuary to release pent up negative energy into building something beautiful amidst the dangers that were ever present in the surrounding community. Brian immediately became infatuated with the immense amount of self control he discovered from bodybuilding. It was the only sport and the only lifestyle in which he felt he was able to completely dictate his own success, his own results, and his own destiny 100% via the work he did with his own hands. Unlike his past disappointments with team sports, academic politics and having to rely on others, bodybuilding gave Brian the ultimate reawakening that the best investment he could ever make was in himself. Bodybuilding gave Brian a revelation that forever altered his thought process from one of self victimization to self realization as with each training session he became more aware of his own ability to tap into his unrealized and limitless potential. He created Yungmuscle and the Revolutionary Bodybuilding philosophy to share the sense of self empowerment he received through his selected craft. He currently resides in the greater Los Angeles area where he works  with “at risk youth” and is pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. FOR BOOKING INFO please follow this link: CONTACT.

“Holding cold iron dumbbells in my hands felt like I was holding my own destiny in my hands. I didn’t have to rely on someone to “hook me up”, I didn’t have to depend on a scholarship, or for someone to “discover me”, acknowledge me or validate me; I discovered myself….I was in control….complete control, in a world in which I felt I had lost all control of everything.”

-Brian Molina- YungmuscleCEO

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  1. Isaac t Garcia says:

    Hey Brain thank you for all you do… Thank you for helping and pushing our people to be something in there lives… You proved that if you want it bad and work hard for it you can do it. I lastly thank you for me…. Because of you I put my life in order and started to work on being arching in life a doctor maybe???? But thank you. You made me love my self enough to start to care for my self….. I lost over 100lbs and will keep doing so…. Thank you

    • yungmuscle says:


      Thank you for your BEAUTIFUL COMMENT. That is an amazing accomplishment and you should be so proud! It feels great to know that you can develop yourself into your own best friend thru self LOVE and SELF CONTROL! Many times we are discouraged from giving love to ourselves, but I believe that when we do, we make ourselves better which in turn makes thew world a better place! Everything starts from within, we cannot ever expect to LOVE others fully if we cannot first learn to fully love ourselves! Such an inspirational story Isaac, thank you for sharing, good luck in everything and be sure to stay in touch with the Yungmuscle Movement!

      -Brian Molina Yungmuscle CEO

  2. Vanessa says:

    WOw ! YOU INSPIRE ME. …At a point where School is soo is soo much.. along with my off season of training.. but you motivate becuase you have done it all by yourself. you took control, you werent controlled….THANKYOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO/SAY.. your my inspiration.

  3. primaso says:

    good stuff. hit me up

  4. Kassy says:

    Wow, that’s awesome! I have so much respect for you, great job! Reading your bio and watching your videos is very inspirational. Thank you for the courage, and motivation to strive the for the best. And lastly, your life has changed you, meeting certain people can change your life for the most beautiful result. Bravo!!

    – Kass

  5. “Seeing the sons of his coaches and school PTO members getting recruited with average talent and without putting in even a comparable level of commitment or intensity as Brian knew he did, was a rude awakening and life changing realization that internal politics and prejudice could override genuine hard work.”

    That’s really intense, but you’re doing well for yourself. Continue striving for the best. I’m 28, and I aspire to do what you’re doing. Your on your path much earlier than I did, and I 100% commend you for that.

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