In order to build your body into the form that u desire, weights must be looked at as tools and nothing more. To tone, build, and grow, the primary concern of a bodybuilder is not to work the WEIGHT, but to work the MUSCLE! In order to work the muscle, we concern ourselves with correct form, posture and getting good repetitions where we squeeze and contract the muscle. Muscle groups must receive full attention in order to sculpt them into their desirable form, therefore everyday we will workout a different body part and dedicate an entire workout once a week to that specific body part. It is very important to stimulate the target muscle at every angle possible so that it grows evenly and proportionately.  Bodybuilding, or the process of building your body into something different then its current state is a very demanding process that requires passion, persistence and sacrifice. When attempting to build, change or modify your physical being, you are not only changing your physiology and biology, but you are changing your plane of movement. Many people are content standing still, or standing in place in life which requires no movement and no action. With this said, whatever your goals are, they cannot be reached by being stagnate or by staying in place; it requires movement, action and desire. Maximizing your human potential is something that comes from within YOU and no one else, this journey is completely in YOUR control, YOU become the master of your own destiny….

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  1. Thomas Madrigal says:

    How do you get your chest more firm and squared? Also how do you lose weight faster?

    • yungmuscle says:

      Those are two very broad questions but Ill do my best to answer. First, since I dont know what you look like, I am assuming youd like to bulk up ur chest…To get a thick, hard built chest it takes time, proper nutrition, training, rest and more time…U want to make sure u work the muscles not the weight, go heavy using barbells and dumbells to ware you fail at 8-10 or 8-12 reps max. Try developing ur upper chest because it will give the illusion that ur chest is bigger then it actually is… That means heavy incline presses, both dumbell and barbell, hammer away! Weight loss is a simple equation, you want to burn more calories then u consume, generally when a bodybuilder cuts weight they will consume more protein form lean sources and less carbs. Try to eat smaller meals more frequently threw out the day! To get a good guide to work off of check out thats wat my boys on… hope that helps



  3. Mikky says:

    I love this site!
    Such good inspiration man keep it up telling you this all the way from Melbourne, Australia.
    Do your long sleeve T’s come in medium or large?

    • yungmuscle says:

      Thank you so much for your support! It really is rewarding to hear feedback from all the way around the world and to know that the Yung Muscle Movement can touch so many! We are currently in the process of printing more shirts including v-necks and tank tops! If you subscribe to the site or LIKE us on FACEBOOK you will be notified the moment we get them in! Thanks again!

      -Brian Molina Yungmuscle CEO

  4. Nate says:

    Hey bro just want to say im following the six week challenge on youtube, your an inspiration bro keep it up, im on my own weight lifting regime been lifting for 4 years 5 days a week and so far over that time ive gained just over 14 kg from being very slim and weak which has taken huge dedication, im still a long way off looking like you but just thought i’d drop a comment and say good work yo!

    • yungmuscle says:

      Thanks for your comment bro and thanks for tuning in! Keep lifting hard and eating clean! It has been a long road for me as well, but dedication and hard work really pays off! Stay positive and LIVE in that motivation! The Next episode of the 6 week transformation project is coming this weekend as well as other training videos and articles! Keep it locked!

      -Brian Molina Yungmuscle CEO

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