Every body is different, however there are several general principals that govern healthy/proper nutrition for all. First of all, before one can concern themselves with weight-loss one must understand the metabolism. Metabolism efficiency is key to obtaining command over your physical body. Every time we eat our metabolism is “turned on” and begins working. Eating smaller meals every 2-3 hours throughout the course of the day is the best way to increase metabolism efficiency. When our metabolisms become efficient at “burning” consumed calories instead of “storing” them as excess energy (aka: Fat), we can enjoy the types of food we like more often with less consequence. As humans, we have developed an evolutionary defense against starvation, which is activated when we go for prolonged periods of time without eating. People who only eat 1-3 big meals a day tend to activate this process, which means that the body goes into “starvation mode”, and much of the calories that are consumed in the next meal are actually stored as excess fat! This happens as a natural process of storing energy or fat, because we have tricked or trained our metabolism into believing that we need this excess energy because we might starve. Eating smaller meals throughout the day, trains our metabolisms to be “fat burning” machines rather then “fat storing” machines. This process occurs because your body knows that it will be feed again in 2-3 hours so there is no need to store excess fat if the body has a steady supply of calories. Many people wonder why they are overweight when they only eat twice a day and this is why!


1. EAT Smaller MorE frequent meals

2. consume lean protein with every meal

3. drink plenty of water

4. Limit or do not eat carbs before bedtime…Protein is ok

5. Carry your food with you in containers where ever you go

Food can be broken into 3 general groups for easier comprehension of their nutritional contents. The Three main groups are CARBOHYDRATES, FATS and PROTEIN. Carbohydrates or carbs are responsible for supplying energy to the body and muscles as well as play an essential role in brain function. They are Stored in the muscles as Glycogen and come from sugars and starches such as breads, fruit, pastas, grains etc… Proteins are made up of chains of amino acids and play a crucial role in building lean muscle mass. Many amino acids are not produced by the body so we must consume them through our diet, (essential amino acids) and they are derived from fish, meats, chicken, and eggs. Fat is the most feared of the macronutrients, but its reputation has been misinterpreted. Fat derived from healthy sources actually plays an essential role in burning body fat, it is a source of stored energy, and they are important for controlling inflammation, preventing blood clotting, and help with brain development. Healthy Fat sources include Fish oils, eggs, almonds, olive oil, lean red meat and avocado. Unhealthy fats include fried foods, Mayonnaise, cream, butter, cheese and candy bars.

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