“DREAMZ FROM MY FATHER: A Journey from the Block to the Top!”

Dreams realized in the physical form: Barack Obama and Jay-Z campaigning together for the presidents successful re-election run in 2012.

“I’d rather DIE ENORMOUS then to LIVE DORMANT that’s how we ON IT!” -Jay-Z

There is a very specific state of mind and state of being that adversity creates. Something happens to a person, and to a people when they are subjected to a struggle. The human capacity to tolerate extreme desolation, tragedy, abuse, and misfortune is astonishing. Overcoming adversity is not a single action, but a continuous process; and it is a beautiful process. It is a defining struggle that is very private and extremely intimate to the individual. The product of this punishing undertaking is what evolves into what we see gracing the covers of magazines, what we see winning world championships and what we celebrate as great symbols of success. It is universal law that for every action, there must be an equal or greater reaction, and more often then not, it is extreme situations that produce extreme results: either failures or successes. Some of the greatest achievers that the world has ever seen were born from a lack of options. Sometimes the more you pull a person back, the greater potential they have to spring forward and rise. This process of overcoming can take 10 years or 10 generations; and throwing politics completely out the window, seeing Jay-Z and President Obama shake hands at their historic campaign collaboration was a testament to what a human being is capable of achieving when put under pressure and against all odds.

“Whenever we see successful people in the spotlight, we only see the PRODUCT of their success, not the personal SACRIFICE’S they made to get there” -Unknown

Many times the foundation for potential is based on opportunity created from a dream that was planted many generations ago. Obama and Jay-Z  beautifully embody the realized human potential that was kept dormant by generations of struggle. Obama is the literal manifestation of a Dream that his father had of coming to America, overcoming his circumstances and fulfilling his own personal and unrealized potential. From a dark place where the value of a man is at the ultimate low, Jay-Z is the walking product of an extreme success, produced by an extreme circumstance, created by an extreme struggle. Both men together are a representation of triumph over a shared and understood narrative of adversity; the ultimate form of redemption. They are the symbolic depiction in the human form of the collective dreams of a people finally realized at the pinnacle of success.

Dreams past from GRANDFATHER to FATHER to SON…

Seeing success to such an elevated degree inspires me to contemplate my own purpose as the collective product of the dreams of my fathers. I picture my father as a child picking coffee with hurt hands in the earliest hours of the coldest mornings in the fields of El Salvador with the inherited dreams of his fathers. The dream to escape and the desire to overcome an extreme reality of poverty and misery. I imagine the most beautiful dream, created in the purest form, and given birth in the ugliest and most brutal of circumstances passed down from father to father until finally arriving to me generations later in a position to be realized. On late nights when I am alone… when no one is watching… I am working towards realizing my own potential with this dream coursing through my veins and pumping through my arteries. I am conscious of the past, of my fathers, and their dreams. Two generations ago I was a field worker with 11 children living in a cardboard box with an empty stomach, but I had a dream. I gave that dream to my child who escaped civil war and ran to America only to face another war in the streets of Los Angeles, but I still had a dream….Now years later, a young man at 22 years YUNG, standing on the precipice of generations of extraordinary trials and tribulation, I hold on to this dream as I spend every hour working towards a goal that has grown in intensity with each setback it withstood for the past 100 years.

Quote by: Will Smith. Photo by: Pocho1

Late nights I push through tears… I push through doubt, fear and fatigue as the extremity of adversity I inherit from my pedigree keeps me from faltering. For every action there is an equal or greater reaction, so as I relentlessly work towards realizing a dream, my confidence grows as I can only expect something greater or as great as all of the collective adversity faced by my fathers…..

& that is a Yungmuscle Mentality! “From the block to the Top!”

What are the Dreamz from your Fathers?… Mothers?

-Brian Molina Yungmuscle CEO

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